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Experienced New Jersey firm handles patent, trademark, tech start-up and general business issues

At Brian K. Johnson, Esq., LLC, we understand the importance of protecting your intellectual property.   Our firm is highly capable and ready to take all and every possible step to safeguard the interests of creators and rights holders in a full range of industries.  Lead attorney, Brian Johnson, applies his more than 25 years of legal experience, at both NYC law firms and Fortune 500 companies, to every matter.  This experience base provides the firm with the skill set and unique knowledge to tackle and resolve complex intellectual property challenges  involving patent, trademark, and copyright matters as well as corporate business matters as they apply to all manners of business.

Areas of Practice

Experienced legal professionals handle a variety of practice areas with proficiency

With a strong focus on intellectual property concerns, our firm represents clients seeking effective counsel with:

  • Patent registration and defense — Your business has The Best ideas...it's what makes your business unique.  We help inventors file for patent protection to ensure that those ideas are protected.  The patent application process is complex, but we work diligently with your inventors to help file patent applications and get those applications issued.   We also help your business with patent assertions, licensing and defense matters.
  • Trademark matters — Branding and advertising are everything.  Trademarks and brand names that help your customers identify your products and business are the keys to that effort.  We assist your business with the filing and registration of  your trademarks.  We also help your business with trademark assertion, licensing and defense matters.
  • Copyright and domain name issues — Your business' "look and feel" are your identifying indicia.  Registering your copyright can provide certain protections in protecting those business aspects and preventing others from claiming your artistic work as their own.  We assist your business with registering your copyright and domain name and advocate for you when someone else infringes upon them.
  • Business law — Our firm can help protect your business interests by preparing customized contracts and providing practical legal advice on company formation and operation.  Additionally, we provide legal advice and representation if a business dispute arises.
  • Startup Services — Our firm has worked with scores of startup companies.  How to protect new inventions?  How to ensure that our business "owns" the software and inventions created by the business.   Your business interests are protectable by preparing customized employee and business agreements that provide certainty and protection.

Both domestically, within the United States, and world-wide, we provide inventors, artists and businesses the ability to maximize the value of their assets and protect their businesses. 


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Brian K. Johnson, Esq., LLC advises clients on intellectual property matters as well as other business concerns for a diverse group of clients located throughout the U.S. and internationally. Call 732-733-6185 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation with our New Jersey-based firm.

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